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YAL Objectives

YAL aims to build on the capabilities, skills and power of its regional network of members, who have a track-record of achievements, to develop young Arab talent through mentorship and education programs. Unlocking the expertise and resources of a regional support network, YAL empowers youth through various initiatives and workshops to develop their creativity and confidence to enter a culture of entrepreneurship and leadership.

YAL Vision and Mission

Our Vision Empower The Next Generation of Leaders in The Arab World.

Our Mission Develop and leverage a strong network of Young Arab Leaders to serve as mentors and educators to young entrepreneurs, business delegates, and university students in their local community.

YAL Core Values

While supporting the professional ambitions of our members and the needs of local youth we are committed to:

  • Leadership Growth
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Quality Education
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Public/Private Sectors Cooperation

Muna Al Gurg, YAL Chairwoman

“YAL has redefined its mission to enhance its focus and allow its members to derive greater benefits while they contribute to creating positive change and helping Arab youth overcome the challenges they face while furthering our region’s aspirations.”

YAL Membership 2017-2018

Membership Rules

  • Applicant must not exceed 49 years old at the date of application submission; however exceptions can be made following the Board Members approval
  • Applicant must be ethnically Arab or holder of an Arab country passport
  • Applicant must have earned the respect and trust of the public and an unprecedented reputation locally as well as globally
  • Applicant must have a proven track record of exceptional leadership and experiences in his/her field and situations unrelated to his/her direct professional interests
  • Applicant must have considerable accomplishments and be an influential figure in the public sector, business field, administrative affairs sector, media, arts, civil activities, or, be involved in any vital field in the Arab world
  • Applicant must commit to the Mission and Vision of YAL
  • Membership Fee AED 8,000
Membership Benefits

  • Connect with a premier network
  • Gain access to private YAL networking and professional educational events
  • Give entrepreneurial guidance and mentorship
  • Connect with like-minded chief executives and business leaders
  • Gain access to exclusive local and regional seminars and conferences
  • Gain business exposure through our community events and media partners
  • Enjoy a generous discount with selected business, leadership, and socio-economic events and seminars
Exclusive Events

  • Power Lunches
  • Executive Meetups
  • High Impact Panel Discussions
  • Global and Regional Conferences in various fields
  • Member Socials
  • Professional Educational Series
  • Seasonal Celebrations
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