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Pitch By the Pyramids

Oct 31, 2019

Young Arab Leaders is a proud Community Partner of RiseUp's Pitch By the Pyramids competition. Local qualifiers will be hosoted by Wamda on October 31st where startups will be shortlisted to pitch at the final event in Egypt

Submit your application by October 5th!

Startups from across the Middle East and Africa are invited to join by participating in their local country qualifiers hosted by our regional partners in Cairo, Dubai, Tunis, Beirut, Riyadh, Amman, Baghdad and Ramallah.

Finalists will get to Pitch by the Pyramids at the grand final event at the Pyramids of Giza, in Egypt. Among the hundreds that will be in attendance are local and international media heavyweights, renowned investors, and industry leaders waiting to hear what MENA’s got to offer this year.

For thousands of generations, the pyramids stood as a symbol of innovation for Egypt and the region. Today, they stand as a reminder for the world’s youth that the impossible can be built. That’s why RiseUp is inviting MENA’s most inspiring youth to participate in Pitch by the Pyramids, and get the chance to stand where history’s greatest once stood and tell a story that could one day change the future.

This is not just a competition for startups to showcase their ideas, but also a program that provides the startups with tailored webinars on business modeling, market intelligence, and growth planning as well as exclusive mentors to support them in their entrepreneurial development as individuals and as an entities (for Finalist Startups). Travel and accommodation costs to fly out to the final event in Cairo will be covered by RiseUp and Pitch By The Pyramids regional partners for finalists in the local qualifiers.

Who can apply?

1. Startup must be "Early Stage" with funding between $25k-$250K.

2. Startup should be funded through bootstrapping (self-funded)/Angel Investment/Incubator.

3. Startup should have 0-3 years of operation ONLY.

4. Startup should have legal documents: Commercial Register, Founding Contract, & Tax Card.

5. Startup team size should be not less than 2 members